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Claims Reporting

Loss and Liability Claims

As soon as you are aware of the incident, report  claim to Highland Claim Services:
By phone:  (973) 459-4250
Or Fax:  (973) 679-8796
Via email:

  • 1st Party Losses — Auto Physical Damage & Property
  • 3rd Party Losses — Auto Liability & General Liability

  • Boiler & Machinery Losses

  • Environmental Impairment Liability

  • POL/EPL — Officials & Employment Practices Liability

Workers' Compensation First Injury

Report ALL Workers’ Compensation claims to Medlogix the same day you are notified of the injury:
By phone:  1-800-293-9795, press 1
Fax:  (609) 631-7736

Do not delay in reporting the claim, even if you do not have all the necessary information.


The information requested will be the same information that appears on the First Report of Injury Illness form.

Emergency Treatment

If the injury is severe (threatening life or limb) call 911.

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