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About Us

Since 1985, Joint Insurance Funds (JIFs) have provided an opportunity for like minded entities to join together, build and direct an insurance program that fits their unique needs.

Fund Professionals are contracted by the Fund allowing for savings on professional services. All professionals support the concept of self-insurance and members’ risk management activities as these are necessary elements of success.

PAIC utilizes Risk Management Consultants (RMC) to act as a bridge between the Fund and the individual member. The RMC coordinates with the member on matters relating to the Fund's operation and success.

PAIC Goals:

  • Provide predictability in insurance costs 

  • Reduce administrative costs of the fund. 

  • Reduce claims costs by risk management and loss control activities. 

  • Respond to members’ unique insurance needs. 

  • Retain Risk Management Consultant’s central role as advisor to the member.

How is PAIC Governed?

PAIC operates as a state regulated joint insurance fund. Its members elect a seven-member Executive Committee, which is responsible for the fund’s operations.

The day-to-day operations are the responsibility of Public Entity Group Administrative Services (PEGAS). PEGAS is an experienced joint insurance fund administrator with offices in West Windsor, New Jersey.

Fund Professionals

Actuary – The Actuarial Advantage

Administrator – Public Entity Group Administrative Services

Attorney – Saul Ewing LLP

Auditor – Withum Smith & Brown

Claims Administrator – Highland Claim Services, Inc.

Loss Control Specialist – Partnership Safety Consulting

Managed Care – Medlogix

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